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Is your undercarriage in need of maintenance?

We offer our clients the easiest possible maintenance of undercarriage in need of repair.

Every year our track service handles several hundred track chains. We guarantee the quality of our work which our clients can be a hundred percent sure of it.

Choose the method of renovation that suits you best:

  • Send us the chains
  • If the chains of your machine are worn but the track shoes are still in good shape you can send us the old chains of your machine. We install the old track shoes on the new chains.

  • Maintenance in Kokkola
    Another option is to bring your machine to our workshop in Kokkola, where we will replace the agreed parts on-site.
  • Maintenance where your machine is
    If sending your machine or coming to Kokkola is too complicated for you we can carry out the maintenance on-site – wherever your machine is.

We have spare parts for almost any machine imaginable. Our years-long experience has enabled us to select the best undercarriage parts and provide you with as cost-effective services as possible.

Contact our technical sales department and ask for an offer on undercarriage maintenance:
0207 764 220 or

P.S. Remember to retighten the track shoes after every 100 hours of use and/or whenever necessary. Do not drive with loose track shoes as this may wear the holes of the track shoes to the point where they become unusable.

Contact our spare parts experts

Contact our spare parts experts

We will find correct spare parts and make an offer to you.

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