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Designed by experts

All our wear parts for buckets are designed in the ITR Group’s research and product development department, combining technical know-how with extensive practical experience.

Extensive product range

The range of ITR bucket wear parts includes components and wear materials for the manufacturing, renovation, and maintenance of bulldozer blades and various buckets.

Our versatile selection includes various blades, profiles, armored bars, wear buttons, sidebar protections for buckets, heel shrouds, lip shrouds, teeth, adapters, ripper parts, and grader blades.

ITR’s selection of wear parts enables solutions that are compatible with a large variety of models, machine types, and custom applications.

ITR Unik

ITR has designed its own ITR UNIK series for applications that require high ground penetration, impact, and wear resistance. The main warehouse is ln Modena, but UNIK products are also stored in ITR Häggblom warehouses in Finland.

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