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Purpose and use of collecting personal data

Personal data is collected, stored and processed only for predefined purposes.

1. For providing services, delivery and customer management

We collect, use and store customer data for matters related to customer management. These matters include invoicing, complaints, customer support, customer satisfaction surveys, debt collection and the production and delivery of services.

2. For marketing and communication

We collect personal data for marketing and communication purposes within the limits of data protection legislation. For this purpose, personal data may be processed for target marketing and communication, as well as for measuring and developing its functionality.

For example we can target content based on a person’s previous behavior or develop our services. We may also send newsletters or carry out other direct marketing with their consent or based on a legal interest.

3. Fulfilling other obligations

We collect and process your personal data for official purposes such as accounting and other statutory obligations.

4. For personnel administration

We process employee data and job applicant data only for HR purposes.

The third party’s own terms of use and other terms and conditions apply to services and applications provided and provided by third parties on ITR Häggblom Oy’s website.

Where do we collect personal data?

Mainly personal data comes from the person himself. Mainly personal data is collected in connection with contact. Personal data is also collected when a person subscribes to our newsletter, contacts us through the website or downloads material from our site. We may also use public information to collect personal data, such as company websites, various registers (e.g. YTJ and Patentti- ja Rekisterihallitus) and social media.

What information do we collect and process?

There is always a legal basis for data processing. We collect information from our customers, potential customers, job seekers and employees.

We collect and process the following information: name of the person’s employer, name of contact persons, work address, e-mail address, phone number, job title, marketing permits and prohibitions, customer feedback information and information provided by the person himself via the contact form, telephone or e-mail. In addition we process and collect billing information, order information, delivery information and other contract information.

In addition we collect and process information about the use of our online services using cookies.

In addition to basic information we collect from personnel and job applicants information necessary for salary payment as well as information needed to fulfill statutory obligations. In addition, we can also collect resumes and job applications.

With the person’s consent, we may also collect other information, but we will tell you about this separately when collecting the information.

Personal data processors

Personal data is mainly processed by the employees of ITR Häggblom Oy. In some cases, personal data may be transferred to third-party subcontractors. Subcontractors process personal data based on a bilateral agreement between ITR Häggblom Oy and the subcontractor. Subcontractors process data in accordance with this privacy statement.

Location of personal data

Personal data is located and processed mainly within the EU. In some cases however, personal data is transferred and processed outside the EU. These cases can be, for example, the utilization of certain cloud services or other applications. In such cases, however, ITR Häggblom Oy ensures an adequate level of personal data protection and legal compliance. An example of personal data stored outside the EU is the e-mail marketing software we use, Mailchimp.

Storage of personal data

Personal data is mainly stored in electronic form, and access to it is protected in accordance with general practices. Access to personal data is, among other things, protected by access rights and passwords.

Collection of cookies

A cookie is a file saved on the user’s computer by the service provider’s web server, in practice a cookie is a small anonymous user-specific text file that is saved in the user’s web browser. The server can later read the cookie and thus the browser in question can be identified (e.g. when the user returns to a previously visited site). For example, the software we use, Google Analytics, collects cookie data.

Cookies facilitate the use of websites and enable certain functionalities, such as remembering the session, user-specific personalization of websites and easy identification to the service.

We use cookies to enable and develop the functionality of our services. With the help of cookies, we can also collect information about the end devices and web browsers of users who visit our sites. Collected information can be used for analytics and marketing targeting. With the help of cookies, the use of our services is easier for the user and the presented marketing is more appropriate and targeted.

Of course, you can also prevent the use of cookies, however this can have its disadvantages, as cookies are a technical solution in the implementation of the contact policies of browsers and www servers, and many internet sites do not work properly without cookies. More information on browser-specific usage instructions can be found in the browser manufacturer’s instructions.

If you wish, you can clear the cookie history in the web browser settings or prevent their collection completely.

By using our website, you give your consent to a data concept like the one described above. Cookie data is stored in Google Analytics for 38 months.

A person’s rights to personal data

The person has the right to check the information that ITR Häggblom Oy has collected about the person.
The person has the right to demand correction of the data.
The person has the right to demand the deletion of the data.
The person has the right to deny / withdraw consent to direct marketing.
The person has the right to object to the processing.
The person has the right to limit the processing of personal data.
A person has the right to transfer data from one system to another.
You can exercise your rights, for example, by sending us an email to
However, before enforcing your rights, we must verify your identity.

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